THREAD “James Izzo, The Boy Without Limits”

(from Middle Pillar Records)

Obituary by James Babbo

“THREAD is the river, the tree, love and hate. THREAD is the association, the metaphor, the abstract connection between tangible & intangible.” – James Izzo (1977-2011)

“To me, James was an inspired talent and a true gentleman. He had a positive attitude and a focused determined manner.”
““ Jarboe, Sept 4th, 2011
I met Wallace James Michael Izzo in 2000. To me I’ll always associate him with the name THREAD. That’s how I think of him. It was the name he chose for his musical identity. A name he believed in so much he trademarked it with the government. It was also a HUGE hassle because of other bands that would later surface with the name. “Should we send them a cease and desist letter?” I’d get that email from him a lot. Usually an email back to the offender was enough to scare them off, especially when mentioning the trademark.Middle Pillar had heard of THREAD through various music sites. Thread had done a few COIL remixes (‘Dark River’ and ‘Glowworms/Waveforms’ mix) which the band had heard and enjoyed, but Jon Whitney of loved them (and James) well enough to release them (with Coil’s blessing). (Please see Brainwashed’s thoughtful post on James’ passing) Continue reading “THREAD “James Izzo, The Boy Without Limits””